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jan 14, 2001

this is the house so far.  you can see i've hung curtains (sterling silver).  and the roof is almost finished (lock washers).  i still have to run wire through all the grains of the weave to be able to form it to my desire, but you get the general idea.  currently i'm working on the cloaks that hang on the solid wall adjescent to the door (sterling / copper for one.  sterling / brass for the other  both of 3/32" and .078" id rings)..  the curtains will likely be tied back with 28ga chains when all is said and done..  to let the sun in of course.  there is a finished loft (reinforced with wire so it doens't sag) that goes from the front wall to the beginning of the middle pillars.  it's 2 layers of doubled oriental 4 in 1.  the floor is 2 layers of double 4 in 1 as well.  adding the second layer made all the difference.  some time i'll start a cauldron for the fireplace.  as well as decorations for the walls..  and the people, but that's a big big challenge and i'm going to start entering it in art shows before the poeple are finished.

this is my person/puppet thing.  the center of the stomache isn't woven in yet but it ill be soon.  the hat is wire crochet, 28ga.  the yellow ball is a caution ball.  basically oriental 3 in 1, made into pentagons instead of hexagons, stuffed with caution tape.

this is my crocheted flower..  the chain is 14ga 3/8" persian..   pretty stiff.  the petal is 28ga and 26ga crochet..  28 on the lip of the petal and 26 onteh base for stability.  the stamens are 28ga crocheted brass, and the filiments on the stamens are glass beads that my sister made.  yay sister.  i will make a calyx out of 28ga green floral wire i have, as well as a pistol out of copper, and a leaf or two if htere's room..  this piece will be mounted in a vase wrapped in chain, and i'll put some roots on it in silver if i can get some 28ga sterling.  i made the petal on accident and then i looked at it and said, "hey that's carolla funnelform."  i was trying to make a bellshape..  well..  a bell really..  i looked in flower books for a similar flower to make a replication, but couldn't find any carolla funnelform that was terminal, they were all clustered on a spike, so i just decided to wing it and make my own flower.  yay innovation.

this is teh spiral cylinder i made..  8 rows woven back onto itself..  it stands in a crecent shape altho this picture doens't portray that very well.
16ga 5/16" 6 in 1

these are some of my stainless steel dish scrubbers.  i have another that's round that i never got a pic of...  uses expanding ring..  and works better thanthe straight ones becuase there are more rings at more angles.  the 2 smaller ring sizes are 1/8".  the larger scrubby, (my mom's) is some of dweezles wire he let me use whni visited him..  i really like the kingsmail lines in it..  gives it some character..  the only thing i would have done differnetly (and maybe i'll change this still if i have enough rings left) is make solid kingsmail diamonds ont eh side corners like i did on the top and bottom corners.  these work better than those knitted stainless steel / copper ribbon things that look similar to steel wool but are used for dishwork.  i tested both in a restraunt setting for awhile and found the chainmail superior..  another grand thing about these is that if you put them in water and shake them all the food particles that bui;ld up in them will fall right out.  yay for chainmail.  i just looked and found that i alread have pics of some of the scrubbies.  well the new part is the one i gave to my mom.....  and i'm still missing hte circle one..  oh well.....

made from 9/32" 17ga rings...  i dig the feel of it as well as the look..  the 'key rings'  or the rings that connect the diamonds together are 16ga for strength.

this choker appears in the jewelry page, i altered it so it was more comfortable to wear.  teh bumps used to be stiff, but nwo it conforms to the throat.

this is a necklace that i made in trade for...  something.  i still have it cause half of the trade isn't completed yet..  some day..  some day..

i made this to resemble water pouring out of a vessel.  teh water is strands of crochet that are braided..  5 strands i believe, but i could be wrong.  it's meant to hang, but as you can see, it sits on a ledge just fine.

this is one of my crochet blobs..  or baby toys.  the have little ho;les and nooks and crannies all ofer tham, as well as being colorful..  this is the second.  the third, which i can't seem to locate looks like a ball covered in dreadlocks..  it's very strange.  the really cool thing about these blobs is the 3d art capabilities of crochet..  you could sculpt anything with it..

 variations of persian & co. chains
some offstandard persian variants, as well as a sprial variant.