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they are the same quarter.

this is a ball i made 1/4" 14ga vertical, 3/8" 14ga for the horizontal thru 6, and 5/16" 14ga horizontal thru 5. it's about6 inches in diameter.
the first pic is of it spinning in the air, dig the fact that te centrifical force makes it form it's dodecahedron shape.
stuffed with a shirt.  this shot took many many attempts to get right. thankus markus.

this is a mobius ball made from rings of rings..  it still needs about 3 more rings before it's done.  has around 9.  something around 250 rings per ring.  that's a quarter.

i'm making a hanging sculpture of rapunzel.  in the future it will have a rapunzel..  and hair..  and a better suspension system.

dish scrubbies, 1/8" .032 stainless. quarter

the rug finished..  also in the house page
3/32"id rings out od .032 stainless, 20ga brass and silver, and 21ga(ish) galv steel

a shirt i made from 1/4" 17ga galv steel using oriental 3 in 1.  the pattern is constand except for 4 places..  the armpits (7 instead of 6 sides) and 2 other mistakes that would be a lot of work to fix.

a few of my finer chains.  the long sterling one is eye period questionmark.  1/8" 20ga.  the spiral sterling chain is 3/32" 22ga i think
and the persian copper there is 24ga 1/8" i think.

people have talked about making a person..  the is the remains of the glove int he body pieces section..  makes a pertty reasonable body shape..  and can be used as a puppet..  (could be used better if i modified it for that sole purpose.  as it is i throw it around a lot and watch it be chainmail in the air..  it moves so fluidly.  i might add a head soon..  it needsa 5th something to fit the law of 5s

a hemp basket bowl thing i made by crochet.  not chainmail.  not care.