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The chianmail is a goodness..  happiness abounds..

these links are a part of it, baby

( not listed in order of coolness...  listed in order of what was in my bookmarks and what i clicked on first.. :) )

Dweezle's Chainmaile (and other stuff) Page                    Dweezle's Patterns for Stuff
Dweezle's main enterance                                                this is where the really cool stuff is (in my opinion)

the x nihil very creative weaver.  has his own weaves as well as an array of interesting applications for chain.

dru's site of nootity dru done some of the weirdest stuff in the world. he also makes chainmail. see the dread chain beanie. and armored pooh.

Odd's Home Page
this is Odd's page..  persian sheet pic available here

Circular Logic - Construction Tips
this guy knows what's up with the persian weave better than anyone i've seen on the web.

Strange Blades sales area
these cats make some really cool chain. i saw one of the models at the colorado renn faire once.

gothic chains
this fellow has a chainmail bun hair thing and a neat lampshade and other stuff too..

Artistic Wire

colored wire!!!  30 to 18 gauge wire..  30 or more colors

Keystone Steel & Wire

this link is for those who wish to attempt to do the same things i have...   most of my work is done in 17 gauge wire...  and that is not always easy to find..  the company who manufactures my wire has a search engine set up to tell you if there is a red brand dealer in your area..  (perhaps the closest one, i don't only gave me the ones i knew about...)  well, either way, here it is..   resource yourself to death, man..  oh yeah, and eat it..  umm, bye now