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Okay..  there are some things i have learned that do not have to do with the actual weaving of chainmail...but is a great part of getting to the weaving state.

take a walk and pick up trash..  i have found hoops about a foot and a half in diameter.  these hoops are off of cars or someting, but i find one just about every time i go on a walk or a bikeride..  i have also found lengths of copper and stuff like that..  things that are excellent..

contact your local electrician..  ask him if you can buy his scrap, they usually have a deal with the scrapyards, but you can overprice the scrapyard and still be getting it for less..  cut the middleman..

visit construction sites..  a lot of times the workers will just give you scrap wire..  so they dont' have to deal with it..  with this approach and the buying scrap approach, you have to strip the wire..but hey, you pay for what you get.....

if you need something to make rings with..  rummage through your garage..  you may find something really cool..  like an apple or a toothbrush or a piece of 9/32 rod that you would feel compelled to send to me...  :)  my friend makes rings wiht the end of a thermometer,,  the rings come out between 1/8 and 5/32..  9/64 ish then...somewhere in that range...  it is good to have variety.

this has been my mantra since i started weaving...  "i can do that"  and you know what.... i can..  i have :)

break the rules..  this is a general rule for life...   cause, what are they there for if not to be broken?

i will put more stuff up here as i think about it...