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THIS IS NOT A MOBIUS BALL!!!!!  please make them and sell them and be happy.   i do however know what a mobius ball is..and how to make it..  it is REALLY EASY!!  it is in the spiral family..  i will not post pictures..  cause mead will post them himself..  i will link to his pic when it is up..   experiment!  make it on your own!  oh yeah..  mobius balls are fun to play wiht..btu the weave has no practical use..  so don't stress it..  NOTE: some horizontal rings go thru 5 some thru 6.. in the hack that is..

the first pic is a variation of 3 in 1 oriental..  but make it pentagons instead of hexagons..  and fill in the holes to get the full mobius ball..  look in the fabrics area to see a sheet of oriental 3 in 1.  and to all of you who ever think of patenting something made of chainmail..  that is a really stupid arrogant thing to do.  i invented 2 weaves and put instructions up on the net CAUSE IT'S CHAINMAIL.   CAUSE IT'S ART.  B-I-T     E-M-Y    A-S-S spells bite my ass..

if anyone buys a hack off of me this is what they will get, as it is a superior design, in my opinion, to the other 2..  i only suggest fillin it halfway.l.  it's just stuffed to show the pattern.

hack1.jpg (10088 bytes)    hack1-2.jpg (11024 bytes)   

my first hack


hack2.jpg (9300 bytes)                                                              

my second hack                                                                                                             

this is a much better hack design than my first one.                                                

This is a little small, though                                                                                    

this idea was stolen from Dweezle