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this is the chainmail house i've been working on..  there will be a bazillion other things to go along with it..  but here is what i have done now.
eventually there will be a loft, a cloak or two hanging inside the door, tapestries ont eh wall(s) brass/copper and silver ivy growing up teh sides.  curtains, hammock(s), and hopefully people as well.  and a roof too acourse.  and a door.  and many other things that i'm not ermembering now.  all of chainmail..  cause chainmail is the bestest.

this is teh house..  it's made of layered 4 in 1. (between 9 and 15 layers).. the vertical rings are 3/16" and the horizontal rings are 1/4"..  it's made from both the old and new 17ga that redbrand wire company put out..  (they made their wire thicker about 6 months ago i think, so all my old patterns for baskets and such are shot to hell)

sorry fr the fuzz..  both side walls are like this, it is 9 layers of 4 in 1 tall.

this is the fireplace.  the chinmey is hollow and will be held open with a 5/8" copper tube..  you can see the chimmney int eh top picture.

this is the main floor rug..  the ring size is 3/32"  the botder and around the brass and silver is stainless steel (.035)..  the grey is galvanized steel (21ga)..  the silver is silver and the brass is brass (both 20ga)  it's unfinished cause i left my brass in arkansas...  oh well..  it's close enough for now. it's will be about 2.5"x5" when finished.. or thereabouts.