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the shirt

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this is a shirt i'm making for a friend..  it's almost finished..  i'm adding strips of 4 in 1 euro out of 5/16 16ga along the sides..  this piece has caused a bit of a predicament for me..  cause the person i'm making it for is in another state..   and i'm now quite sure about the fit..  well, i hope it all turns out ok..   also, puttig that section of 6 in 1 in the middle was a bit of a warped the fabric a little..  oh well, everything should work out ok..and if it doesn't..   oh well, bummer..  live and learn..  i'll get more pics up when i finish it..  there will be a section of 4 in 1 out of 14ga 5/16 rings below the 6 in 1 on both sides..and that's what the trim willattach itself to.. and the trim that's shown there, it is brass and copper weaving in and out.. with the annealed steel background.. i may or may not get new a new pic of htis shirt.. it's in alaska.. i took some year and a half to get it to the fellow, he can take his time getting me a pic.