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bot523.jpg (8241 bytes)

this bottle is my personal favorite that i've made..  no ring is bigger than 5/32" id..  wire is 19 and 20ga

bot1.jpg (32209 bytes)         bot2.jpg (9755 bytes)       

This was the first bottle I wrapped.  It's intended to hang, as it is in the second picture.

The base -  Doubled Oriental 6 in 1 - 1/4" ID

The strands on the bulb of the bottle are full persian - 1/4" ID  (damn dense, almost too dense.)

The Neck - European 4 in 1 - 3/16" ID

The 3 hanging strands - Half Persian - 1/4" ID

I stole the idea to wrap bottles from .

 bot3.jpg (31630 bytes)            

I did this bottle second. The Neck - European 4 in 1 - 3/16" ID

The rest is a strand of my own invention.  See the Chains page


 bot7.jpg (14674 bytes)

I just started this bottle this morning.  It needs to be added to, still.   Decorated, donchano.

420.jpg (9575 bytes)    watch2.jpg (9589 bytes)

my first wrap with obstacles..  the watch is filled with water, that's why lindsey wanted to keep it...

you can see the hands pretty well as get to the windy thing.  this was fun to do...  most of it's 1/8" rings...a few 5/32" and maybe one 3/16"

the chain is 3/16"