The Guild

I have made it my goal to create a chainmail resource that is usable to both novice and experienced weavers.  That is quite a task and I could never do it alone.  I have met some people who like to play with their rings, who enjoy doing something different.  So far there are three of us..  Perhaps someday the Guild will be on one page, but for now I think it's best to keep our areas seperated.  We will name it eventually.

As not to be a toehead i will list them in the order they became a part of this.

if you would like your site listed here, just drop a line. 



Dweezle's Chainmaile (and other stuff) Page  this is the first page of his site.

Dweezle's Patterns for Stuff this is where the guild info is.

here is a transcription of our emails...some people may find them interesting...  there's some good ideas in there.

he has made some excellent pieces.  gave me the pattern to a superior hackeysack than my first.  gave me the chainmail cube.  has shown me how to start a coif.   and we've shared more ideas than i can list.  Perhaps I'll post our correspondance..  I think they're interesting.  of course i do..  der.



Odd Oddson

Odd's Website

He likes collecting weaves as much as i do.  He says that he's figured out the entire persian family.  That is a difficult set of weaves.  He's even done the persian sheet.  He tells me he'll have pictures up within a month of the full persian sheet construction.  As of now his homepage is fairly limited as far as his chainmail goes, BUT he does have a really cool full persian background up that he snagged from somewhere.  And he sent me this picture.  he might have it up..  but since Geocities is being a bitch, i don't really know.  Hey!  Odd!  use tripod, they wrock.

He has 2 pics up now..  one of them is a full persian sheet..  it looks  in more ways than one..:)

idiot.bmp (141558 bytes)

it is a really cool idoit trap variation..  I made it last night and it rocks.   I might take more pics this weekend as a result of this.

there are many ways to do this.

hearts.jpg (75292 bytes)

Hey, Just happened onto you page a few days ago. It inspired me in a
sense. I have a different pattern I came up with for Valentines day.
it is based on a crushed 1/4 in link. basicly you take the tip of your
pliers and put the seam of the ring on one end (inside) and the other
end on the opposite side of the ring. Close the pliers slowly and then
take the result and cruch it to create a Heart(I perfer the term
Cardioid). I got a couple of line patterns out of it. Take a look at
the picture and see if yuo can do something with it. If you need more
instructions, or with any comments drop me a line.

Chad C. Wicker