Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me.

 variations of persian & co. chains
some offstandard persian variants, as well as a sprial variant.

I use 17 gauge wire, as it allows me to get denser weaves.  It also costs less, $9 for a quarter mile @ Home Depot


I want to have explanations on how to make all the chains available eventually, but not tonight, as a result of time and lack of effort.

ipqchain.jpg (18153 bytes)    ipqclose.jpg (18062 bytes)

These are two ways of using Eye Period Questionmark.  I will be happy to trade for information.  Or just tell you all how to do it, but you have to try to make it on your own first.  Be propared to tell me how you tried.  I'll even give a couple of hints.  I use rings of 5/16" ID - 17 gauge.  It's REALLY simple to make.


ipqsin.jpg (5764 bytes)

This is one unit of Eye Period Questionmark          

I put this together in one try.  I was laying in my hammock, waiting to fall asleep, and I saw how to put together the basic skeleton of this weave.  I tried it the next morning an it worked great, the next steps were obvious.  The first chain I did of it was just the 'I' pieces, the triangle and zig zag sections came later.

ipe.jpg (7283 bytes)    ipe2.jpg (7190 bytes)

This is Eye Period Exclamationmark

it can be made with 5/16" ID 16 gauge rings



 persian.jpg (33969 bytes)

These two are the full persian and half persian.  I will give instructions on how to persian as soon as I have the time and effort.

dhp.jpg (4450 bytes)

my attempt at a double half persian...  it needs larger rings than 5/16" 17 ga..

Took me four hours to get the full and half persian every time, using 2 closed rings for every one or two open ring (depending on weave.)  In the future I will have better visuals, for now, look here.  Circular Logic     There are some versions of the persian I can't do on his site...yet.   I have a too dense strand of double half persian, and think I know how to do the widened half persian.  The one and a half persian is the next effort. 

unknown.jpg (16258 bytes)             bot3.jpg (31630 bytes)

This is another strand of my own creation.  I haven't named it, it's only been in existance for about a half a week.  The close up is of the underside.

There is one thing that makes this doable.  I won't give it away yet. 

I'll take suggestions for a name.  I'm thinking of 'Definately not Beer'.   Remember, I'm a Discordian.  It's only true if it makes you laugh.

dnb.jpg (7683 bytes)    dnb2.jpg (7706 bytes)   

It's official.  Definitely Not Beer.  This should help.  This is how I found out that DNB was available.


twist.jpg (16383 bytes)

This is a twist.  der.  :)  This particular twist is in alternating sets of 5 galvanized rings - 5 stainless rings.

I have no idea why I took a picture of this. ;)

2twist.jpg (3905 bytes)

this is a double ring twist...  I just wanted to see what it looked like.

3twist.jpg (6678 bytes)

a twist that keeps it's shape without tension..  it'd look cooler if it were longer...but that was a bitch to make...  a lot of rings...being put in one at a time....

61box.jpg (7104 bytes)

a couple attempts at a 6 in 1 box


tri.jpg (8445 bytes)

This is an idoit trap variation.  my first extrapolation of the way to use the rings, other than what I've been shown.  This triangle is made from stainless rings.



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