I Use 17 gauge wire for most of my work.  I perfer it, cause I'm able to do smaller, tighter weaves.  The 8 in 1 is an excellent example of this. 

It also costs less, $9 for a quarter mile @ Home Depot


3in1.JPG (99454 bytes)

oriental 3 in 1.....a dandyfine weave

seam.jpg (6929 bytes)    exper.jpg (8204 bytes)    exper2.jpg (8513 bytes)

this is a seam I used to attach a piece of 4 in 1 to itself.  I think it looks a little persian.. a bit..  either way, I like it..

the second 2 pics are the front and back of the section i put together  it's kind of hard to see on such a small piece..sorry..  cope.

fab.jpg (12789 bytes)                                                 alum.jpg (9336 bytes)

the top is a 10 in 1 3/8" ID 17 gauge                                     1/4" aluminum 4 in 1             5/16" aluminum 6 in 1

the lower left is aluminum rings 1/4"ID

the lower right is 5/32"


euroquar.jpg (27944 bytes)

4-1.jpg (21632 bytes)    6-1.jpg (19171 bytes)      

                        4 in 1                                                                 6 in 1

 king.jpg (21734 bytes)         8-1.jpg (23730 bytes)

                        King's Mail                                                           8 in 1


All of these weaves were done with 5/16" ID rings (17 gauge).

3king.JPG (44233 bytes)         idtrp.JPG (41632 bytes)

this is tripple wound kingsmail.  it takes a lot of time...                   this is a trippy idiot trap sheet attempt..  you can use idoit trap in an

and rings..  i would not use it for anything i think...                        oriental 4 in 1 style, or oriental 6 in 1 style, and it would come out even...

                                                                                                     this is lopsided

japquar.jpg (21200 bytes)

4-1j.jpg (26312 bytes)    6-1j.jpg (19375 bytes)

                            4 in 1                                                             6 in 1

The larger rings are 5/16" ID.  The smaller rings are 3/16" ID

smalass.JPG (40409 bytes)

the one on the left is 3/16"id and the one ont he right is 1/8"id

both are 20ga i think..  the wire wasn't clearly labeled.  1/8" sucks, in case you were wondering... 


franz2.jpg (17032 bytes)

the trim of Franz