g a u r a n t e e

i, kim s chatfield ksc pa af, gaurantee every piece of chainmaille that i sell.

i gaurantee that it was made, by hand, by me.

i gaurantee chainmaille against normal use.
if something needs repairs due to normal day to day use i will repait it for free.

if something needs repairs due to poor care then i will repair it for a fee.

if there are any questions feel free to email me at sakredchao@yahoo.com

p r i c i n g

you will notice that i do not pin down a price on very many pieces.
that is because most everything on this site has been given away or sold.

so what i have done is given you an idea of what something like that would cost.
and what we do is work together to find the artifact that would most perfectly fit your desires.

i have the ability to make about 300 different kinds of rings.
this allows me to finely customize my work.

chainmaille is often priced by the ring.
i charge anywhere from $0.23 to $0.55, and up, per ring.

please keep in mind that any piece can be made for about any price, but the quality reflects the price.
a basket can be made for $25, but it will be very small.  (i made one to hold hot tub keys once.)

if you are interested in purchasing some of my work, then feel free to email me, at sakredchao@yahoo.com to discuss what you would like.

when you email, if you have an idea of what you want, or what you have to spend that would be very helpful.  it is easier for me to talk about your desire if i know you'd like a wrapped bottle for $90 or a dish scrubbie for $100.