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This is in trade for any weaves you would feel the overwhelming urge to send to

Thank you very much to those of you who've participated and sent me weaves.

The rest of you can go Potter Stewart yourselves.

If this is unclear, mail me with the unclear part, and I'll try to fix it.   IMPORTANT: Use large rings.  I've tried it with 16 gauge wire (5/16" id) it doesn't work.  With 17 gauge wire, you NEED 5/16" ID.

Eye Period Questionmark

1.jpg (4540 bytes)This is a box pattern consisting of 10 rings.  It is best to have it look like the box, and not in any of the other ways this ring combination will  rest.   It keeps the center of EPQ as it is shown below, looking like an arrow (=>), and not layered (//).  The weave just looks more even, I think.

2.jpg (4633 bytes) grab the three rings on each side in another ring

3.jpg (5861 bytes)put a ring through all six on both sides

4.jpg (5382 bytes)add the last four.   There should be 'empty' spaces to fill in.



Definitely Not Beer

dnb5.jpg (5607 bytes)

okay...  you need two different sizes of rings.  I use 1/4" and 3/16" ID (17 gauge) is basicially a european 4 in 1 with a ring holding it tight to itself..  you can see how you need to grap the smaller ring through the larger one with a 1/4" ring..  There would normally be 2 rings where the one brass one is, but there was barely enough room for that one, as it's a larger gauge wire than 17...


Full Persian

I won't go into how to start the persian.  I can't do it perfect every time.   Just tuck in the loose rings in the box weave.  Play with it. 

This is how you continue it with 2 open rings, 2 closed rings.

pers1.jpg (5819 bytes)

pera2.jpg (7226 bytes)

The copper are the open rings, the brass are the closed.

Half persian - don't add one of the open rings.


Oriental Open Hexagon pattern..  or another Oriental 4 in 1.

openhex2.jpg (13303 bytes)

there are 2 ways to construct this weave..  you can make 2 strips of chain and 'zip' them up or you ca build directly on to it..  the strips look like the other oriental 4 in 1 weave.  This is easiest if it is a solid color or metal..  The other way to make it is to build on o the edge..  the upper two examples are for the zipping method..  the lower two are for the adding on method.  I'm not quite sure what else to say, so I'll shut my face.



4-1show.jpg (15607 bytes)

there are two ways to do the 4 in 1 european weave, as well..  here are examples of both..  if you make strips you need to 'zip' them up.


6-1show.jpg (12668 bytes)

almost just like the 4 in 1, but you weave two rings back instead of one..  you can extrapolate this to make 8 in 1, 10 in 1, 12 in 1, 232 in 1.