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gene1.JPG (87111 bytes)     gene2.JPG (87992 bytes)     gene3.JPG (83357 bytes)

this basket is the largest decorated one i've made..and the lip is kind of trippy.. the wall fades form a 10 in 1 of 3/8" id 17ga to a 6 in 1 of 7/32.  the bottom is of 1/4" vertical rings and 3/16" horizontal rings..   it is the only basket that can be worn effectively as a hat.

jeff1.JPG (83254 bytes)     jeff2.JPG (83177 bytes)

this was given to my bro jeff..  i think it's one of the more simple trims i've done, but i like it.

basket1.jpg (48100 bytes)         basket2.jpg (38127 bytes)

Basket.  I'm going to add to it, but not until I make a smaller one, so I'll know how it's going to act.  I estimate 30 or so hours.  This basket belongs to my mom, and she refuses to let me change it..  :p  Pththth

The oriental 6 in 1 base is 1/4" ID. 

The side is european 8 in 1 with 5/16" ID

    basket3.jpg (23795 bytes)       basket5.jpg (25249 bytes)

This basket's done.  It is 5 sections of Oriental 6-1 across.  (Opposed to 11 on the big basket.)

It keeps it's shape well, due to the lip.  This one's done.

      basket6.jpg (30460 bytes)    basket7.jpg (24058 bytes)

I finished (almost) this basket.  It kicks so much ass my donkey's in the horse pistol.  I'll get a pic up after I get it taken and developed.  (I'm giving it away before I have access to a digital camera.)  I have a crappy pic of it finished..   I will not insult it by posting the pic.  You can just trust me that it rocks. :)

This isn't finished.  I just got this far last night.  It still needs to be decorated.  It's slightly taller than the previous, but of the same diameter.

The reason I put it here is to show another way to do a lip.  What I like about this is the ability to go larger.  IE 23 sections across, and 1.7 ft high.

You could also make it spiral up from the bottom.  Within a month I'll have pics of a basket with a spiraling lip.  Took about 8 hours or so.

bow1.jpg (15359 bytes)    bow2.jpg (17802 bytes)    bow3.jpg (13166 bytes)

This is a strange one.  The bottom is actually a piece of 6 in 1 (16 gauge) folded over and sewn into itself.  I'm thinking of unsewing the 6 in1 and letting it be loose.

I did unsew  the bottom, and it makes it more fun to play with..  and still keeps it's shape.

flap1.jpg (13013 bytes)    flap2.jpg (12540 bytes)   

Neither of these pics are very good.  There is a brass/galvanized pattern in the flap.  There will be another flap with copper on the other side.

the flap is 3/16" id.  THere is another flap with copper now and oa pic of it that way, but, like the asskicking basket above, it's in another state and the pic sucks..   If you're ever in New Mexico and see either of these baskets, let the owners know I said hi.

bask.jpg (17761 bytes)   

the decoration on this is the oriental open hexagon pattern..

bask2.jpg (19424 bytes)   

it might be hard to see, but the galvanized triangle decorations are connected at only 3 points..  the triangles on either side and one ring at the lip.  I had to ad the brass at where the triangles join to each other, cause it looked gimpy if I didn't. :)   the copper triangles are not connected to the galvanized ones.

bask3.jpg (17386 bytes)   

this is a cool basket and it wouldn't be as cool if I hadn't messed it up.  each triangle outlined in black is 5 wide, which is not a factor of 78..  so I had to go back to algebra.. :)  2(5*X)+2*Y=78  it turned out well...  a bit of info about the large brass/copper dag... it is the only pic of a 4 in1 pattern made using 5/32" ID rings..  it is about as tight as the 6 in 1 with 1/4" ID and the 8 in 1 made with 5/16" ID rings...

bask4.jpg (12058 bytes)    bask5.jpg (10984 bytes)

this basket is made like a kings mail coif....kind of..  it uses expanding rings at every opportunity during the start..  (ie rows go: 8, 16, 32)

it is used to hold guitar picks...  or it will be when I give it back to my bro, Pete..  I stole it from him today and didn't return it...  bad me.

812bask.jpg (10011 bytes)    81bask.jpg (10688 bytes)

this is a failed attempt at oriental 8 in 1...  but a successful basket..   VERY small..  oh well..cope.

pancake.JPG (49094 bytes)


a chainmail pancake..  actually this is how i make baskets, just keep adding 8 in 1 ont the side, and it will form itself by tension..