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I would like to announce that we are in the final stages of bureaucracyEveryone knows what follows...aftermathWhich then turns to CHAOS.

There Is No Government Interference

do not use this page as toilet tissue

love the country    -      hate the government


do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law

Break the rules, what else are they there for.  There are laws set up currently that define what powers the government has in the case of Martial Law.  Many of these include siezure of all fuel sources, power sources, vehicles, firearms.  In the case of the implementation of martial law, all self respecting citizens should rise up.  If they don't give you the right, take it.  Cripple The Man.  There are more of us than there are of them. 

love is the law

Love is a beautiful thing, no matter the form it takes.   This can be as simple as saying hello to a complete stranger, visiting someone in a hospital, taking a walk wearing nothing but a smile (the smile is the key), giving a friend a hug, helping another human, picking up a piece of trash, making breakfast, sweating stinky passion, caroling out of tune, discovering the nooks and crannies of a mind (yours or anothers'), not stepping on a plant or having respect. 

love under will

If your will is founded in love, then so will your actions.   Those you come into contact will be affected by this.  A person recieving a hug in the morning is more likely to be pleasant to those s/he meets during the day.   Can't we all just get along?


It could be said that I'm a hypocrite, eh?  Perhaps.   Probably.  It's hard for me to give the government love, when they inprison people for doing things which only harm themselves.  (drugs like crack, speed, pot, heroin, psilocybin fungi, coke and well as prostitution, and ANY action in which all parties involved are consenting.)  All persons who are incarcerated for these 'crimes' are political prisoners.  There is a school of thought that ruling a persons life for their own good is the moral, necessary thing to do.  Although I would never smoke crack, but I would fight for the right for someone else to in an instant.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, because they will.  I believe it's possible to have love with a fist.

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Praise be to Emporer Joshua Norton I

Emporer of the United States

Protector of Mexico


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if you can't see the fnord, it can't eat you

"What is this?"

"It's Visene, taste it, sir."

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everyone wants to be the cowboy living life the wild wild west style

everyone wants to be the outlaw

well everyone's tough and no one is gonna back down

-david & stephen marley

i add this in response to the United States bombing Iraq.  fuck you bill clinton.  I would have no problem with the destruction of military and weapons manufacturing facilities.  However, during the Gulf war..whatever it was, we fired a lot of rockets off.  About half of them hit what they were supposed to.  All of them hit something.  The figurehead already knows of the civilian casualities expected in this strike.  What did they do?  They were born in Iraq.  They liveD their lives in Iraq. 

What if some country had some really big piece of fecal matter acting as the ruler? What if this nation stockpiled weapons.  In my experience weapons are used to harm, not to heal.   Everyone knows this nation has more weapons than you can shake a stick at...hell several sticks...more sticks than you could shake sticks at.  Now this nation refuses to reveal all of its weapons to the world at large for 'national security'.  Now another guy does the same thing and the first nation blows it to all hellThat sounds like a nice responsible thing to do.

I charge the United States with this: make public all of the military bases domestic and abroad. Post a list of all of the weapons currently owned by the United States of America, down to every bullet (I know they already have the list, too...he military likes that kind of stuff), on a website called

What is it that urges the United States to stick its nose in places it doesn't belong?  Korea, Vietnam, the desert which has a plethura of our precious oil.   I would fight and die with a smile for the home and/or freedom of any of my friends, family or myself.  Never would I fight and die for the right to commit armed robbery.

goddess damn I love the internet


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