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  the chao pasture has moved to a new location.  this site will no longer be updated.  everything has been redone, but i'm keeping this site as it is a good maille resource.  this link will take you to the new site.


chaosmall.gif (2218 bytes)The Chao Pasturechaosmall.gif (2218 bytes)


My Chainmail Work

the front door

jan 13, 2001 update. a house.. crocheted wire. a person.. neat stuff check it out.

9/30 update

cool stuff.. just like the penguins use. no penguins.

New stuff

this is where you'll find the most recent update..

all condensed for your viewing pleasure

yay house!

this is my house.. pics are blurry, but oh well. there's a link in newstuff but i think it needs it's big huzzah on the main page.

Body Pieces


Only a few pieces, mostly unfinished...but not for long

the shirt i'm making for my bro


Some interesting stuff...

A piece of Eye Period Q(u)estionmark

Mini Armor

This is my test area.

I make 'em small before I make 'em big.


this is where i store the bottles and stuff i wrap..  there's a little watch in here too..

it rocks in a water plastic watch sort of way

Hacky sacks

i have 3 designs for hacks now..

i think they will cease being made./.as i have found one that i feel to be perfect


realistically i put these in a different place as not to make more clutter in Misc..



I finally have enough baskets to give them their own section.


This is the best section.

If you only see one, see this one!!!

chaospin.gif (29628 bytes)

The Weaves


Two point three new weave, plus a few others.


The fabrics I work with.


More weave stuff up..  including the oriental open hexagon pattern.

Eye period question mark, Definitely Not Beer, european 4 in 1 and 6 in 1

Other Crap

this is where I put the misc info on my mailing.. tools etc..

The Guild

this is a work in progress, and the early stages thereof

Chainmail links

This is where you find a lot of other places to get chainmail info..besides my jolly site..  i know you live to see my site, but   there are a lot of cool places out there..  like the woods..  the woods have nothing to do with this area..  nor this area with woods

Thoughts, ideas, and blither

some ideas for those wanting supplies...and a possess a thin pocketbook

pricing and sales

for those of you who want to possess some of my art, yay art.

my personal pages are here

Sara's (my sister) macreme page is here

I do hereby dedicate this site to the holy mother, Eris.  May she fall in a vat of applesauce.

Make use of your BACK button when navigating.  No Spitting while whistling and/or pissing.

                                                                                                          -the mgt

Don't hesitate to email me to give suggestions, talk shop, complain about something worth complaining about, spontaneously combust, tell me a REALLY funny joke,   Say hi, Compliment me, send me typos, tell me my work sucks like a two headed hoover after lounging in last thursdays leftovers or even just to send me a blank email.  I probably won't reply to a blank though.   Above all, do what thou wilt.  Also, if you would like to be tapped on the shoulder when I update this site, let me know.  Tell me if you want to know when the Chainmail stuff is updated or the other sections as well.

if you want to be added to my mailing list email me at

this is about my adventures around the country, not chainmail. if you would be interested in starting a chainmail listserve, let me know, i would be willing to moderate it when i have the access.

I use AOL's Instant Messenger.  (which is free...woohoo!)  I'm Chao523.  I'm online most of the day.  listenin' to the Dead, and weavin away.  feel free to say hi.

I also use ICQ, which is also free..  I am 71390814.  drop by.....

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